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Raptor Jesus!

Dance of the Manwhore, his beat is unstoppable. Insanely catchy!

I see what you did thar.

Nice job on a classic joke. The moment I saw the power level bar, I pretty much knew what was going on (be it the whole 9000 joke), after 1500 I just walked away thinking 'just come back at 8500, something might happen'.

All an all, it was an ok joke, a humorous use of squirrels and their nuts, but it was too drawn out and seemingly rushed at the end. Leaves me a bit disappointed at the abrupt ending. 'That's it?' Is really the feeling you get from any kind of power leveling, be it cartoons, anime, and video games..

I give this a 6 out of 10. Over used joke at an extremely exaggerated time frame made me loose too much interest less than midway. However the humor with the use of squirrels was pretty unique in itself, as well as the animation.

Beautifully Created! ~ ¡El Asombro!

It's been a while since I have seen a story told backwards; this, however, was well made and told. Though it may have been confusing at first, that never took away the sense of amazement. ^_^

The story is very imaginative and fun to follow, it is very neat to view and make sense of what is going on as everything was in reverse. I found myself, at many times, putting things together in my mind; going forward! Once again, nicely done! :'D

Hace tiempo que no escuchaba un cuento contado al revés. A pesar de esto el cuento fue bien dicho y escrito. Aunque fue confuso, al principio, nunca quito el interés y asombro. El cuento es muy imaginativo y divertido seguirlo, porque el cuento es contado al revés es genial tiene sentido en todo lo que está pasando. ¡ Mi mente se encontró algunas veces moviéndose adelante del cuento! ¡Buen trabajo! ^__^

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not bad

its pretty funny, you should make one of the penis >.> ahem...XD

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NIcely done, soothing.

It was very soothing to listen to while I was working, the loop has a fluid transition when it replays; I found out I was listening to this piece for nearly 30 minutes straight! I believe this song does a very great job in calming people when working on anything. Though I feel it doesn't really belong in the 'classic' category, more ambient-ish/techno, because of its tad repetitiveness. But that is the element that makes me love this song.
I look forward to more works in the future! :3

Tilkanuts responds:

I do agree that it is very soothing.

All right, you've all convinced me. I've gotten so many reviews to change it from classical, it is now going into the Ambient genre.

Thanks for the review and I'm glad it was able to sooth your work flow. Comments like these are extremely awesome to receive as an artist and i appreciate the time you took out to review it.

- Tilky

I would hear this play on the radio

I mean that, it sounds so convincing. I could totally see myself tuning the radio in the car and hearing this. 8D Mark and Jon are very talented singers! Kudos to them! =)

Honestly this is a new turn for me when I listen to your music. But you are Bosa, and you do what you do; and you do your work well 8D
Looking forward to future work!

Nicely done!

I'm loving this piece, most of it sounds amazing. However I agree with valhallaangel below; that part of the song surprised me a bit. At first I thought something was wrong with the NG player.

1min 25sec into the song, that repetitive part was at least 2-3 seconds too long, made me think of a broken record. I hope I'm not offending, but it is criticism/comment/ you name it.

On the other hand, this song is like a lovely lullaby 8) Keep it up

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